Annual Family Membership Fee

Information and FAQ's

Updated Tuesday September 27, 2016 by CAC Admin.

The Crofton Athletic Council charges an Annual Family Membership Fee of $85 per family, each calendar year.  This fee is automatically charged to the family’s account at the time of the first full-season registration of the calendar year.  We have specified full-season registration because there are some registrations that do not trigger the CAC Annual Family Membership Fee, like tryouts or training clinics that do not constitute a full season commitment to a sport/program.


A3 Soccer has a registration website hosted by SI Play, which is separate from the website for the rest of the CAC sports.  The membership databases in these sites are not linked; not due to a glitch, but because they are set up as separate websites. For this reason, any family that has registrations for both A3 Soccer and another CAC sport must create a family account in each site. Additionally, because both sites are set up to charge the CAC Annual Family Membership Fee, any family that completes registrations for both A3 Soccer and another CAC sport in the same calendar year will be charged the fee by each website.  To address this, we have a procedure in place whereby any family that pays this fee through both websites (in the same calendar year) can submit their request for a refund of the duplicate fee.  The instructions and link to the online refund request form are included in all emailed registration receipts, and they also appear on the screen as a post-purchase message after an order has been checked out.


CAC Members - Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Why does my family have to pay the fee twice and then ask for a refund? Isn’t there another way to handle this?

A:  We have spent a lot of time looking into various options and unfortunately this is the only way that works for the CAC, to ensure proper tracking of funds between the individual sports and CAC Admin.


Q:  How long does it take to get the refund after the request is submitted?

A:  We process refunds throughout the year, approximately every two weeks.


Q:  How will I receive my refund, and how will I know when my refund has been issued?

A:  We process all refunds for duplicate membership fees through the A3 Soccer registration site. This is done by removing the CAC Annual Family Membership Fee from the order where it was charged, and then issuing a refund back to the original credit card that was used to pay for the order.  You will receive an automatic email message from SI Play when your refund has been issued.


PLEASE NOTE – Because all refunds are processed through the A3 website, this refund transaction will not always be associated with the order that triggered your second payment of the CAC Annual Family Membership Fee.  For example, let’s say your family’s first registration of the year is for spring soccer in the A3 website in January, and you don’t complete a CAC website registration until August when you sign up a child for a fall sport other than soccer. In this scenario, the fee that will be refunded is the family fee that you paid with the A3 order in January, even though it was the registration for the other fall sport with CAC that triggered your duplicate payment of the family fee.